HAGER CITY, WI – Following a law enforcement roundtable hosted by Derrick Van Orden and other Republican candidates, Ron Kind still has not provided answers on why he lied to the Sheriffs of the 3rd District.


A spokesperson for Kind claimed that he hoped to have “an honest conversation” about the issues, but in no way addressed that Kind cosponsored a bill to remove qualified immunity and no-knock warrants 8 days before telling the Sheriffs he would not support a bill that included those provisions.


Derrick Van Orden released the following statement calling on Congressman Kind to provide answers:


“If Congressman Kind hoped to have an ‘honest conversation’ with our law enforcement, he shouldn’t have lied to them. Our men and women in blue deserve to know the truth. Why did Ron Kind lie to them? After 24 years in Washington, it’s clear that Kind cares more about playing politics than working with the people he is supposed to represent. I have pledged to the men and women of law enforcement that I will always support them. I make the same promise to every person in the 3rd district. I will never play politics with your safety.”

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