Milwaukee, WI- On Tuesday, January 14th at 4 pm, Voces de la Frontera Action, immigrants and refugees affected by Trump’s xenophobic and white nationalist agenda, along with community members, rallied to send the message that Wisconsin is a welcoming and diverse state and that Trump’s hate is not welcome in the dairy state. Community members gathered at the corner of W. Kilbourn and 4th St.(Vel Phillips), in downtown Milwaukee, outside of where the President was hosting his campaign rally.

According to Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action, Wisconsin’s largest grassroots immigrant organization, “We are here today as organizations that represent immigrants and refugees to condemn recent actions by the Trump Administration to provoke war in the Middle East and the relentless attacks against the rights of asylum seekers, immigrants, people of color, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, women and working-class people-urban and small farmers. We say, Ya basta! Enough is Enough!

Trump’s actions have ushered in a new era of possibility. We will defeat Trump in November, but we must also make major breakthroughs in all 2020 elections to elect and hold accountable candidates to make meaningful change. Our struggle for equality cannot end with one election or one administration. It must be broad-based and from the bottom up. We will rise to the occasion to defeat Trump and build a better, more just world. Voces de la Frontera Action is organizing Latinx voters and multiracial youth across Wisconsin to form a network of 23,000 Latinx and multiracial voters and members to defeat Trump and those that are like him at the local and state level of government. Join us, ¡si se puede!

Daniel Gutierrez Ayala, a Vocero and 20-year-old DACA recipient attending Cardinal Stritch said, “Our community has lived through three years of a heartless, and racist administration whose agenda is full of anti-immigrant policies and Trump is here today to advocate for continued hatred.” He continued, “Trump, your time is up! Our communities are mobilizing for 2020. The power and voices of immigrant communities across the nation will make sure you will no longer terrorize our communities and set fire to the rights we deserve and have fought so hard for! As in 2018, I will be organizing my friends who are eligible to vote for those who cannot vote, to carry our message to the polls.”

See video from the event here


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