MILWAUKEE, Wis. – With just weeks left until the presidential election, Vote Wisconsin is making it easier to register to vote. Users can check voter registration status, fill out a simple form, upload proof of residence, then Vote Wisconsin sends the data to the clerk–bypassing the need for the registrant to print and mail in their new registration. Both individuals and nonpartisan organizations all over the state are leveraging these convenient tools.

“As young Black and Brown voters become a driving force behind this year’s election, the ability to reach them through mobile and digital means is paramount,” says Lisa Lucas, Communications Director, Wisconsin Voices. “In 2020, it’s young people’s turn to advance the political agendas that are going to matter for their futures.”

In addition to handling the registration process from A to Z, Vote Wisconsin sends out email reminders about how, when, and where to vote. A video about the Vote Wisconsin initiative is available to view here.

About Vote Wisconsin: Wisconsin Voices envisions a Wisconsin where every person has the means, motivation, and freedom to fully participate in a just democracy that provides opportunities for all people to thrive. We unify a dynamic network of progressive nonprofits in Wisconsin around achieving shared goals to build a better democracy. We build our partners’ capacity, amplify their impact, nurture new leadership, promote racial equity, champion transparent policies, and foster civic engagement so that everyone has an equal voice. When everyone has a voice, our world will change for the better. For more information visit

Watch our video: 

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