Three weeks out from the Aug. 11 primary, voters have already requested at least 743,908 absentee ballots.

That’s well above the 645,619 ballots cast in the August 2016 primary, when 101,803 voted absentee.

Meanwhile, with President Trump raising questions about voting by mail, voters in the state’s two largest Dem counties are more likely to have requested an absentee ballot than those in the deep-red WOW counties.

Tuesday’s update from the Elections Commission shows 722,668 ballots have been mailed and 192,914 have been returned. There is often a lag in local clerks reporting to the state system, so the actual number is likely higher. Ballots must be returned to clerks by 8 p.m. Aug. 11 to be counted.

Milwaukee County listed the most requests for absentee ballots with 134,289, followed by Dane County at 114,309 and Waukesha County at 60,701.

Milwaukee County’s requests amount to 25.9 percent of registered voters, while Dane County’s mark is 31.5 percent.

Meanwhile, 22.5 percent of registered voters in Waukesha County have requested an absentee ballot, along with 22.8 percent of those in Ozaukee County and 19.2 percent in Washington County.

The deadline is Aug. 6 for most voters to request a mailed absentee ballot, though in-person, early voting is available until Aug. 9.

See the latest update on absentee ballot requests:

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