Former Gov. Scott Walker called Mike Pence “Midwest nice” today as he introduced the vice president to the Republican National Convention.

Walker also praised Pence as strong, saying he and President Trump have a lot in common, though the media don’t understand how they can be such a great team.

“Both are successful chief executives, both are doers, not just talkers, and both have a deep and abiding love for America and the American people,” Walker said in Charlotte, N.C.

Walker said that’s why both Pence and Trump were in Wisconsin last week during the Democratic National Convention while Joe Biden “was hanging out in his basement in Delaware.”

In introducing Pence, Walker called his fellow former guv devoted to his friends. Walker recounted being in the hospital with his mother when he got a call from Pence, who asked to speak with her so he could comfort her and pray with her. Minutes later, Walker’s mother received another call, this time from the president.

“That’s the kind of person Mike Pence is,” Walker said. “He’s Midwest nice. He’s Midwest nice, but he’s strong.”

Along with introducing Pence to the convention, Walker earlier in the day also put forward the vice president’s name for nomination for a second term.

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