[Madison, WI] — This week, Senator Chris Kapenga delivered the weekly Republican radio

Listen to the radio address here

Hey Wisconsin, Senator Chris Kapenga from Delafield.

Next Tuesday, November 3rd as most of you know is Election Day. So I just wanted to take this time to express the importance that every one of us should be taking the opportunity to exercise our right to vote. Now more than ever, with so much on the line, your vote is
necessary. Not only for the future of our great state, but also our country, it’s at stake.

Our municipal clerks statewide have worked hard to make sure that you can vote safely and securely in person at your polling location, so do not hesitate to go in live and in person. We’ve talked to the clerks; they’re ready to go.

Also recently, the U.S. Supreme Court did rule and kept in place a longstanding requirement that your ballot must be returned to your local clerk by 8 p.m. on Election Day. So please keep that in mind. Again, we’ve got a great responsibility to go out and vote. Let’s all take advantage of that in this great country. Thank you.

Listen to the radio address here

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