MADISON – Senate President Roger Roth (R-Appleton) delivered the weekly Republican radio address.

Listen to the radio address here

Last week, the State Capitol and Executive Residence Board met and addressed the two desecrated statues.

I along with the other members of the board unanimously approved to restore and re-install the two statues on the Capitol grounds that were town down by violent protestors last month. These two statues espouse our Wisconsin values and symbolize Wisconsin’s history.

The Forward statue – represents a female figure standing upon the prow of a boat and signifies devotion and progress – a reminder of Wisconsin’s forward thinking ideals. Forward had proudly stood at the state Capitol since 1895.

And Col. Hans Christian Heg – a courageous Union Civil War colonel who lead the 15th Wisconsin Regiment, who dedicated his life to the abolition of slavery, who fought and died fighting for his beliefs. The Heg statue was installed in 1925.

As my colleague Senator Risser stated in the SCERB meeting, it is imperative the two statues be restored! These statues were designed to represent devotion, courage, progress – principles that should be promoted and highlighted! It is a shame that the violent mob beheaded and destroyed two treasured, historic symbols of Wisconsin. I am proud the SCERB committee unanimously voted to restore and reinstall them.

In addition to the state’s fine arts insurance policy, the Historical Society will be setting up an account for people to donate to the restoration effort. If you’d like to make a donation you can go to their website at

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