West Allis, Wis. (3 September 2020) ─ The West Allis Professional Police Association (WAPPA), the labor union that represents rank and file officers employed by the second largest municipal law enforcement agency in Milwaukee County, announced today their endorsement of incumbent Donald J. Trump (R) in his re-election bid for a second Presidential term. As a non-partisan organization, today’s endorsement of Mr. Trump is the first time in the WAPPA’s history that the labor organization has endorsed a Presidential candidate. The law enforcement agency that employs WAPPA members dates back to 1906.


The Association’s endorsement was decided after careful deliberation. “Throughout his tenure, President Trump has vehemently fought to preserve the rights and freedoms guaranteed to all American citizens as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. As sworn law enforcement officers, we took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” said WAPPA President Allison Cerqua.


The WAPPA’s Presidential candidacy endorsement, comes in the midst of widespread civil unrest, which has affected both small and large communities across the Nation. The most recent civil unrest to gain national attention, were the widespread riots, looting and violence that occurred in Kenosha, Wis. To date, the civil unrest resulted in the fatal shootings of two people and has caused an estimated $2 million worth of governmental property damage alone. The exact cost of the damage to private property has yet to be determined but is expected to be in the millions of dollars. Some of the destroyed businesses included locally owned and operated enterprises which were already struggling to survive amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) have both been quick to blame law enforcement officers instead of law breakers for the civil unrest and the destruction of livelihoods. Since the beginning of the civil unrest, a contingency of WAPPA members have been instrumental in providing support to the City of Kenosha.


On 1 September 2020, Mr. Trump visited Kenosha to survey the widespread damage caused by the demonstrators. Mr. Trump also met with residents, business owners and law enforcement officials to assure them that he (Mr. Trump) has his full support. Conversely, Mr. Biden initially declined to visit Kenosha, instead choosing to speak to a group of his campaign supporters in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Mr. Evers demanded Mr. Trump cancel his visit to Kenosha. Mr. Evers based his demand on an unsubstantiated personal fear that the President’s visit would cause additional civil unrest.


On the contrary, Mr. Trump’s visit resulted in no violence and he received an overwhelmingly welcome and hospitable reception. Mr. Trump’s empathy and concern served to calm the fears of Kenosha residents and business owners who were victimized by rioters only days before.


It was only after Mr. Trump’s visit, did Mr. Biden’s staff determine that a visit to Kenosha could possibly benefit his Presidential campaign. Mr. Biden is expected to visit Kenosha today. Coincidentally, Mr. Biden was originally scheduled to visit Wisconsin on 20 August 2020 to formally accept his party’s nomination at the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee, but abruptly cancelled his visit instead choosing to remain in his home state of Delaware.


This was not the first time a Democrat Presidential candidate was reluctant to visit the State of Wisconsin. Throughout the 2016 race, failed Presidential Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton not once visited the State of Wisconsin, instead focusing her campaign on energizing her base of supporters in coastal states such as California, Massachusetts and New York. This proved to be a fatal campaign error as Wisconsin and other upper-Midwestern states were instrumental in Mr. Trump’s successful White House bid.


Cerqua added, “During President Trump’s most recent visit to Kenosha, he clearly communicated his prioritization of law and order, which is critical during these trying times. He recognizes and appreciates the important , difficult and often dangerous  work law enforcement officers conduct on a daily basis, which is why the WAPPA is proud to endorse President Trump’s candidacy.”

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