MADISON – The Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance (WHA) is rolling out a statewide radio, mail, video and digital ad campaign today urging state lawmakers to “Protect our Piers.” For 140 years, Wisconsin property owners had the right to place a pier or dock on their property and enjoy access to Wisconsin’s waterways. A recent court decision could put countless waterfront property owners in jeopardy of losing their piers, because someone else may own the ground under the water.

AB 551 / SB 501 were recently introduced in the legislature to clarify the issue and help restore property rights for all waterfront property owners. This legislation would protect all waterfront property owners by preserving their right to build piers and docks on Wisconsin’s beautiful waterways from their land adjacent to the water.

WHA’s six-figure advertisement program includes radio, video, mail and digital ads that will raise awareness on the issue and encourage Wisconsinites take action to protect their piers by contacting their elected representatives. WHA’s campaign aims to return the property rights that Wisconsinites have enjoyed for 140 years. This program, and support from the public, is intended to urge lawmakers to listen to the will of the people, and vote yes on AB 551 / SB 501.

Listen to the radio ads HERE

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