The following can be attributed to Society Board of Directors Chair Jerry Halverson, MD, DFAPA:
“What’s happening in our state right now with COVID-19 cases is alarming. Record numbers of hospitalizations means many of our hospitals are nearing overall capacity – and that threatens everyone’s access to health care when they might need it the most. It’s also affecting our physicians and others in the health care workforce. Our state’s doctors, nurses and other important health care personnel have been fighting against this pandemic tirelessly for the last seven months – we can’t let them be overwhelmed.

“Recent reports show that many of these COVID-19 cases are being traced back to larger gatherings, like weddings and sports-watching parties. While it’s understandable how everyone is tired of this pandemic and wants to return to normal life, the situation in our hospitals tells us we’re not there yet. This virus isn’t just going to go away – we all need to step up with masks, hand washing and social distancing. That includes avoiding large groups.

“The Society supports the Department of Health Services’ action to temporarily limit indoor public gatherings, because the state simply must halt its current trajectory. We want to continue being the state leading the country in high-quality health care, not having one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the country.”

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