PLAIN, WI — The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA) applauds Governor Evers’ proposal of a comprehensive plan on how to invest some of the state surplus funds into our public schools. This proposal will advance educational opportunities for all Wisconsin public school children. This proposal will expand access to mental health services, invest in special education for our students with disabilities, renew the state’s commitment to two-thirds state funding of public schools and invest in rural schools through increased sparsity aid.

The Governor’s proposal is a win-win for both our students and our taxpayers as it increases resources and opportunities for all children AND reduces property taxes.

WiRSA not only supports this proposal for rural students, but for all students in Wisconsin. We commend the Governor’s proposal and ask the legislature to take the time to review this closely and see how it clearly aligns with many bi-partisan initiatives already being discussed. We also encourage all legislators to meet with their local school leaders, teachers and school boards to see how this proposal will positively impact all children. It is time to do what is right and invest in and develop our state’s future workforce.

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