MILWAUKEE – The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce today called on Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation to keep veterans and veteran owned businesses at the top of their agenda as they work through economic relief packages due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Many veterans are in a particularly sensitive position and will be disproportionately affected by the economic impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic,” said Saul Newton, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce. “Whether it’s the impact on healthcare through the VA, or the direct effects of travel restrictions for military families, or the disruption of benefits for veteran students using education benefits now that colleges and universities have shut down, veterans everywhere are being impacted.”

“The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber calls on our Congressional Delegation to ensure that those who have served our country are not forgotten in this time of crisis,” Newton continued. “When we were called to serve, we answered the call. We know the need is great all across the country, but please do not forget about the unique impacts that this crisis will have on our population.”

The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber advocates on behalf of the more than 65,000 businesses across Wisconsin owned and operated by military veterans.

“We are hearing every day from our impacted members,” Newton concluded. “Businesses and citizens across the state are stepping up to help our neighbors in this time of crisis, but the economic impact is bigger than any community can handle on its own. This is a time when we need Congress and the President to act boldly and make sure that nobody is left behind.”

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