(WISCONSIN) — Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul released the following statement in response to Eric Trump’s visit to Wisconsin:

“Last night at the Democratic Convention, we heard from leaders who are seeking to unite, not divide, and who are focused on the American people, not themselves. The contrast between what we heard last night and what we’ve heard from the Trump administration could hardly be more glaring.

“In his visit to Wisconsin, Eric Trump won’t be able to spin away the President’s inability to provide the kind of leadership we need from the White House. Since he took office, Donald Trump has adopted policies that have hurt working Wisconsinites.

“Now, as we face a crisis, President Trump has failed to rise to the task. From nursing homes with insufficient PPE, to states struggling to get needed testing supplies, to inadequate federal action to protect people’s financial security, Americans are hurting because of Donald Trump. While he didn’t cause the coronavirus, his weak and often harmful response to the pandemic has had devastating consequences for families across the state and the country.”

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