(MADISON, WI) — As part of continued programmatic changes made in the face of the public health threat posed by COVID-19, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is announcing today significant changes to its National Delegate Selection Plan. DPW’s Administrative Committee passed the changes on March 18, which were then approved by the Democratic National Committee.

A summary of the changes include:

  • All County and Congressional District Caucuses will be moved from in-person events to virtual events.

  • Virtual county caucuses will be spread out between three dates: April 26th (the original date), May 3rd, and May 10th. CD caucuses will remain on May 17th.

  • Anyone who wishes to participate in a county caucus (either as a voter, a delegate candidate, or an observer) is now required to pre-register for the virtual caucus ahead of time, by 5:00pm on April 17th.

  • Caucuses will use electronic ballots rather than paper ballots.

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