(MADISON, WI) — Today, the Supreme Court announced it would hear arguments on the legality of the Affordable Care Act, an issue that has been pushed by Donald Trump’s Department of Justice as they make another attempt to strike down the law. Trump previously tried repealing the ACA in 2017 and since then has done everything in his power to weaken the law.

Upon the news, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“Wisconsinites’ health care will be on the ballot in 2020, and it’s vital that the tens of millions of Americans who rely on the Affordable Care Act — especially for those with pre-existing conditions — know if this legislation will still be law heading into the presidential election.

“President Donald Trump has broken his promise to lower health care costs and protect people with pre-existing conditions and his Department of Justice is continuing to lead the charge to repeal this bill and put millions of Americans at risk. What’s more is Trump has stacked the courts with judges who are hostile to the ACA and further jeopardize its existence. Regardless of the outcome, Democrats will continue to pass legislation that lowers health insurance prescription drug costs, while making sure people with pre-existing conditions are protected.”

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