“Already, I was looking forward to casting my ballot for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but last night’s debate only further strengthened the case against Donald Trump.”

(WISCONSIN) — Following the Presidential debate, Wisconsin residents Chrystal Chartier and Rosemary Doyle — who have pre-existing conditions held a video press conference responding to Trump’s debate performance in relation to his continued attacks on the Affordable Care Act and failed coronavirus response and yesterday he again reiterated he wants to “terminate” the ACA. For four years, Donald Trump has constantly attacked the ACA protections that 2.4 million Wisconsinites rely on, and now, in the middle of a pandemic, he is trying to leave the Badger state more vulnerable than ever. Trump has made it perfectly clear that he will put insurance companies and the largest corporations over working families every time.

Listen to the full event here or see excerpts of what the speakers said below:

Chrystal Chartier: “I am a breast cancer survivor, but my fight is never over, and I will need medication for the rest of my life. Knowing that I am covered by the ACA and can qualify for health care is so comforting now that I have a pre-existing condition, especially at such a young age. My cancer has made this election all the more important because the ACA will be repealed if Trump is reelected. Since Donald Trump has entered the office, he has done everything in his power to undermine the ACA and Wisconsinites who have pre-existing conditions. In the Badger state, we have over 2.4 million people with pre-existing conditions all of whom would be left stranded if Donald Trump and Republicans have their way. I have spent two years fighting breast cancer, and now I also have to fight for my right to health care. Basic and affordable health care should be made available to every American and no one should have to battle a horrible disease without insurance as I did back in November of last year. Already, I was looking forward to casting my ballot for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but last night’s debate only further strengthened the case against Donald Trump… Make a plan to vote with your family, your friends, and your neighbors because we need a compassionate voice for the people; one that unifies rather than divides, one that believes health care is a human right, and one that will calm the concerns of Americans with pre-existing conditions who fear a Trump presidency. That voice is Joe Biden. Health care is on the ballot in November and we cannot afford four more years of this chaotic and heartless presidency.”

Rosemary Doyle: “As a result of having cancer and having to have treatments that affected me so badly, I had to quit my job. Because of the Affordable Care Act, I was able to continue to get insurance. Having to go through cancer, with all of the fear and anxiety, no one should have to worry about their health care coverage in this country. I was saved by Mayo Clinic and my access to very good health care, and I’m proud to say that I’m cancer free, and that’s why when I was watching the debate last night, I was horrified at first, the fact that Donald Trump since he got in office, has tried to tear apart the Affordable Care Act and also, here in Wisconsin the Republican legislature has also gone after our health care. I’d like to say one thing to Donald Trump, I’d like to look him in the eye and say– why do you want to take away my health care and that of 2.4 million other Wisconsinites who have pre-existing conditions? It should be a right to have health care in this country. We’re so tired in Wisconsin of Donald Trump’s promises about his magical health care plan that has never come to fruition… For both of us in our family, and for everyone in our communities up here in Northwestern Wisconsin, it’s so important to have a plan to vote… Our lives really depend on this election, and I can’t think of a better thing to do both morally and for your own good, than to go vote for a Biden-Harris ticket, and to vote for Democrats down the line.”

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