MADISON – After Governor Tony Evers called for a special session to invest in classrooms, special education, and mental health services, many school districts in Senator Olsen’s district are left wondering if he will turn his back on them again. As a member on the Joint Finance Committee, Senator Olsen supported a sweeping motion to cut $900 million from Governor Evers’ 2019-21 education budget, including a cut of $500 million from special education aids. And despite chairing the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding, Sen. Olsen has repeatedly ignored his own recommendations.

“For too long, schools in central Wisconsin have been forced to settle for crumbs while Sen. Olsen voted the party line to approve massive tax giveaways for foreign corporations and the wealthy,” said SSDC Executive Director Katie Iliff. “The students of today will be the workforce of tomorrow. Instead of focusing on their future, Sen. Olsen is only concerned with his next re-election. It’s time for Sen. Olsen to get his priorities straight and share a greater piece of the pie with students to ensure they have every resource available to succeed.”

Gov. Evers has proposed a Special Session to invest new state revenue back into classrooms, special education services, school mental health care and rural sparsity aid. Under the Governor’s plan, Wisconsin communities and homeowners would benefit from a $130 million property tax cut. Schools in Sen. Olsen’s district would receive an additional $6.1 million in state funding for K-12 education.

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