(WISCONSIN) — Today, Senator Dave Hansen, Assembly Candidate Karl Jaeger (D-Marinette), and business owner Kim Jensen, highlighted Trump’s failed leadership and destruction of Wisconsin’s economy. For three and half years Trump and his administration have actively gutted Wisconsin’s economy by attacking workers’ health care, passing a tax scam bill, engaging in multiple failed trade wars that crushed farmers and manufacturers, and now failing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to Trump, unemployment in Wisconsin sits at 12%, and another four years is something the Badger state can’t afford. Meanwhile, the Trump administration remains engaged in a legal battle to attack the Affordable Care Act and strip away protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

You can watch the full event here or read excerpts of the speaker’s remarks below.

State Senator Dave Hansen: I’ve worked under and with Democratic and Republican leadership at every level — whether it was in the state legislature, the governor, or the president of the United States. Never in my life time would I have imagined having to deal with someone as indifferent to the needs of people he was elected to work for as Donald Trump…We are at a staggering 12% unemployment in Wisconsin, and what seems like no end in sight. He is a failed president — he has abandoned Wisconsinites and the American people. So now, just five months before an election, he’s pretending to care again, coming to our state for a photo-op…His multiple trade wars where he bent the knee to China helped lead to 818 dairy farm closures and over thousands of manufacturing job losses in 2019 alone.

Marinette County Board Supervisor and 89th Assembly District Candidate Karl Jaeger: It’s sad to see Trump coming to take a victory lap in my backyard months before election day because it’s clear he only now cares with November around the corner. He didn’t care about all the workers across Wisconsin who’s jobs he cost before. He still doesn’t care about the families he destroyed with his actions, who are now having to figure how they’ll pay for the health care, their rent, the food they need to put on the table. He has used our state — the Badger state — as a political football. He sees us as expandable and just another group of people he can fling around for his own gain…To get things back on course — to save our economy, to revive our families, and to bring our state back to prominence is to restore real leadership top to bottom.
We need Joe Biden to show us what a real president looks — what it means to have someone who cares and believes in Wisconsinites and the American people.

Business Owner Kim Jensen: “President Trump has done nothing for small business people, he is all about big donors, big corporations, special interests, and the top 10%…This president has done nothing but suppress people, and has diminished the working-class economy…We can see that Joe Biden has empathy, he understands people, he understands working-class people, and this is who we need to make sure gets elected along with the rest of us in government…We need to make sure that people get out and vote no matter what their allegiance is, for democracy this November”

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