MADISON – Over the last fourteen years in the State Assembly, Representative Jim Ott (R-Mequon) has spent his career undermining comprehensive care for Wisconsin senior citizens. In 2011, Ott championed legislation – that Scott Walker signed into law – which conceals records of abuse and neglect in nursing homes while also creating hurdles to make it more difficult for families to take legal action against a nursing home for elder abuse. More recently, Ott blocked a budget amendment to set up a prescription drug price review process to bring transparency and accountability to prevent drug price gouging. He also followed Republican leadership and blocked legislation that would cap the cost of insulin prices.


“It is unfathomable that Jim Ott has spent his career in politics blocking solutions to improve the quality of life for Wisconsin seniors,” said DPW spokeswoman, Kate Constalie. “To add insult to injury, he championed a proposal that made it harder to protect Wisconsin’s elderly and most vulnerable from abuse and neglect. Ott’s record of siding with pharmaceutical companies and insurance executives shows he can’t be trusted to do what’s right for our grandparents.”

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