(WISCONSIN) — Today, Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald signed a letter calling on the Big Ten Commissioner to reconsider his previous decision to keep students and athletes safe and postpone the season. The Big 10 made the decision because Donald Trump, Fitzgerald, and Vos failed to take meaningful steps to contain COVID-19 and ensure student athletes could compete safely. This is costing local Wisconsin businesses millions of dollars in combined revenue as well as squandering the experience of current and new students.

“We don’t get to watch our beloved Badgers take on and beat the tar out of the Minnesota Gophers right now because Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in the state legislature failed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Tommy Kubitschek said, “This is costing Wisconsin’s small businesses tens of millions of dollars. While they didn’t cause the coronavirus, their failure to come up with a plan to address the spread has caused immense pain for the people of Wisconsin. It didn’t have to be this bad.”

Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald have prevented Wisconsin from defeating the COVID-19 pandemic by undermining Gov. Evers’ public health response at every turn. Time and time again they have failed to take any significant action on the myriad crises facing Wisconsin, going so far as to encourage Wisconsinites to ignore the guidance of public health experts just as Trump has ignored them.

“Vos and Fitzgerald are actively carrying out Trump’s failed and negligent coronavirus response here in the Badger state, and Wisconsinites are suffering as a result. It is clear that they are not interested in showing any real leadership or taking action to help hardworking Wisconsin families. We cannot wait to win up and down the ballot this November, because Wisconsin’s health and economy depend on it,” Kubitschek concluded.

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