(WISCONSIN) — Yesterday, ahead of Mike Pence’s visit to Eau Claire, Senator Tammy Baldwin, candidate for Wisconsin’s 67th State Assembly District Chris Kapsner, and a Wisconsinite with pre-existing conditions slammed the administration for their failure to handle the pandemic and for their relentless attacks on health care and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. The speakers emphasized that Wisconsinites know the truth about the Trump campaign’s broken promises and will hold him accountable this November.

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News 8000: U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin calls out President Trump, says he hasn’t followed through with health care promises

  • Shortly before the Vice President’s visit to Eau Claire on Thursday, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) held a video press conference.
  • She said the president continues to attack protections for preexisting conditions and the Affordable Care Act.
  • “As a candidate, Donald Trump promised he’d lower health care and lower prescription drug costs, all while protecting people with preexisting conditions. And yet, we see from this administration effort after effort to cut health care and promote junk insurance plans that aren’t even worth the paper they’re written on,” Baldwin said.
  • ER Doctor and candidate for Wisconsin’s 67th State Assembly District Chris Kapsner also shared his thoughts and frustrations during the video conference.
  • “We’re all tired of this. I heard my son, who is a freshman in college, say ‘I just want this to be done.’ He wants to go on and have his normal college life, which, unfortunately, this pandemic is preventing,” Kapsner said. “We’re going to get through this, all of us, we’re going to get through it. We could get through it much quicker if we embrace common sense things.”
  • Wisconsin resident Bob Andruszkiewicz, who has preexisting conditions, also joined in on the conversation, sharing his concerns about the future of health care if Trump remains in office.
  • “I just want to protect anyone that had what I went through. So it’s very important that we keep the ACA, and it’s very important that we get out and vote to make sure we protect it,” Andruszkiewicz said.
  • Baldwin ended the conference by reminding Wisconsinites how important our battleground state is to the outcome of the election.
  • “We know that the road to the White House goes straight through Wisconsin,” she said.
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In response to Pence’s visit, Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, of Wisconsin; Dr. Chris Kapsner, who is running for Wisconsin’s 67th state Assembly District; and Bob Andruszkiewicz, a patient with pre-existing conditions, held a press conference. The group said the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has led to hundreds of jobs being lost in Wisconsin and small businesses being shut down. “Testing positive for COVID-19 is a pre-existing condition. As is asthma, diabetes, cancer, and pregnancy,” Baldwin said in a statement. “If Donald Trump and Mike Pence get their way, these people, and the tens of millions of others across the country with pre-existing conditions, could lose their care. They could go bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills, their rent, and putting food on their family’s table.”

CBS 58:
Democrats responded to the visit by slamming the Trump campaign on health care. Sen. Tammy Baldwin says Wisconsin would not have record positive COVID-19 cases this week had Trump focused more on the pandemic from the beginning. “He knew it was very serious, and then decided to downplay it,” Baldwin said. “That is not being honest and straight with the American people.” Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by five points in the state according to a new UW poll.

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin said the Affordable Care Act is at stake and that’s why Congress should wait. “We are calling out these activist judges,” said Baldwin. “And we are pushing back.” President Trump says he will announce his nomination Saturday.

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