(WISCONSIN) — As the Democratic National Convention opens in Wisconsin, state Democrats are showing clear leadership by holding virtual events, and are blasting the Trump campaign for visiting the state after failing Wisconsinites through his pandemic response. For four years, Trump’s chaotic trade wars, tax giveaways to billionaires, and attacks on workers have devastated Wisconsin’s economy. Now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers, factory workers, farmers and the communities they support are hurting worse than ever because of Trump’s ineffective leadership. State Democrats drew a stark contrast with Trump, emphasizing that the Badger state is tired of Trump playing political games with their lives.

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Washington Post
“Though the president touched on a panoply of themes in the usual Trumpian style on Monday, Democrats have zeroed in on his handling of the pandemic, holding in-state calls and events highlighting his administration’s response to the growing pandemic. ‘Now, clearly, President Trump did not cause the coronavirus,’ Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) said Monday in a call organized by the Wisconsin Democratic Party. ‘Yet his complete inability to respond to this pandemic brings us to the point of crisis that we are in today.’”

Wisconsin Public Radio
“‘As President Trump comes to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, today, we are reminded of his failures of leadership,’ U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said on a Monday morning call organized by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, citing the federal government’s lack of a national coronavirus testing and contact tracing program. She also noted that the administration has diverted over $100 million in defense spending from Oshkosh Corp., a Wisconsin-based heavy machinery company, toward the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. ‘When the president ran, he promised Mexico would pay for this wall, not Oshkosh,’ she said.”

Kenosha News
“‘We aren’t having the type of convention that we wanted this year and we all know why,” Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley said. ‘Milwaukee and Wisconsin will continue to be in the spotlight as we think about this upcoming November.’ U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, one of the few Wisconsin officials to speak Monday, offered one of the most energized speeches of the night… Moore said she was embracing the convention’s online approach, which she said has the potential to allow even more access to attendees than an in-person event… ‘The mismanagement and total utter failure of leadership during a pandemic is laid out starkly and it’s why we are responsibly holding our convention virtually,’ said U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison.”

Associated Press
“Wisconsin Democrats marked the start of the Democratic National Convention on Monday by blaming President Donald Trump for botching the response to the coronavirus pandemic, which they said forced them to cancel the in-person gathering that would have brought about 50,000 people to Milwaukee. Instead, when the convention officially starts on Monday night, the event will be delivered virtually, with speakers offering prerecorded or live comments delivered online. Wisconsin Democrats tried to put a positive spin on the situation during an online ‘Welcome to Wisconsin’ convention kick-off event Monday morning… Trump’s failure to adequately respond to the pandemic is why Democrats had to move to an all-virtual event, said Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Ben Wikler… Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin criticized the Republicans’ in-person visits amid the pandemic, saying Democrats were protecting the health of safety of convention attendees by holding an all-virtual event.”

Fox 11 News
“Democrats had a busy day as well. They spoke at a breakfast event on the first day of the virtual Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. ‘What we see in the polls right now is that they don’t love the work that the President is doing, but they like what they see in Joe Biden,’ Symone Sanders, a senior advisor to Joe Biden said. ‘We have to deliver Wisconsin for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,’ U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin added. And Gov. Tony Evers finished, ‘I’ve been saying all along that we will nominate Joe Biden as the next President of the United States right here in Wisconsin. Joe is a good honest man that we know will lead our country with passion and integrity.’”

“Members of the Wisconsin delegation opened the DNC Convention in Milwaukee on Monday morning with a virtual breakfast. ‘We’re also gathered virtually because of a tragedy, an unfolding tragedy right now. A tragedy frankly that we could lay at the feet of the president of the United States,’ Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler said… ‘The day this convention comes to an end, our work continues,’ Baldwin said. ‘We have to deliver Wisconsin for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.’”

CBS 58
“Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin held a virtual news conference Monday, with Labor Union Leader Dennis Delie and a small business owner to condemn Pres. Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Senator Baldwin said Pres. Trump did not provide enough contact tracing and testing programs as well as PPE supplies for Wisconsinites. ‘As President Trump comes to Oshkosh, Wisconsin today, we are reminded of his failures of leadership,’ said Sen. Baldwin. ‘We are reminded of the broken promises to Wisconsin workers and farmers. Now, clearly President Trump did not cause coronavirus yet his complete inability to respond to this pandemic brings us to the point of crisis.’”


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