MADISON – Large corporate retailers all across Wisconsin have taken advantage of the Dark Store tax loophole that allows them to shift their property tax burden onto homeowners and small mainstreet businesses. Despite repeated efforts from Governor Evers and Democrats to close this loophole and restore tax fairness, Republicans have once again prioritized large corporations by blocking action.


“This issue isn’t going away and it’s caused a rise in homeowners’ property taxes,” said SSDC Executive Director Katie Iliff. “Senator Testin has been given multiple opportunities to close this corporate tax loophole and he continues to vote against the interests of Wisconsin families and small business owners. Residents in the 24th Senate District deserve more than just another rubber stamp for the Republican agenda that favors corporations over people.”


Municipalities across Wisconsin, including Portage, Wisconsin Rapids and Plover that Senator Testin represents, have sent resolutions calling on state legislators to close the Dark Store Loophole. Gov. Tony Evers and Legislative Democrats have made multiple attempts to close the loophole only to be obstructed by Republicans. Many local officials have expressed sincere frustration with Republican politicians for their failure to close the loophole.

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