Contact: Courtney Beyer,

MADISON — The following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler on Judge Jill Karofsky’s election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

“Tonight, despite the GOP’s savage and shameful attempt to suppress votes and steal Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election, Judge Jill Karofsky prevailed. It’s a victory for justice and democracy in an election that should never have taken place in person.

“We’re grateful to Judge Jill Karofsky for stepping up to run in a very difficult race against a relentless GOP machine, and congratulate her on the hard-earned win. Judge Karofsky has been a relentless advocate for the people her entire career, and now will seek justice for all as a decade on our state Supreme Court court. That’s why Wisconsinites chose to elect her, and she will live up to their high expectations.

“Our deep gratitude also goes to the poll workers and voters who made unimaginable sacrifices to keep a semblance of democracy working last Tuesday, and to the volunteers and organizers who worked long hours in unprecedented circumstances to help voters cast safe absentee ballots at record numbers in the last few weeks. In recent weeks, the Democratic Party has worked with unprecedented intensity to contact voters in every corner of the state and help them vote from home despite Republican voter suppression laws. The impact of this careful, person-to-person organizing work is hard to overstate.

“Despite the result, the fact that this in-person election took place was a searing loss for Wisconsin. Today’s results don’t tell us how many people were exposed to coronavirus at polling places, how many were infected, or how many will die. Had justice prevailed, those numbers would have been zero. No one should ever have to choose between their health and their vote, yet Republicans chose to prioritize their own political gain over actual human lives. Wisconsin voters will not forget this travesty.

“Now that the GOP knows their attempts to steal this election failed, they should join Democrats in the state legislature and pass legislation to enable Wisconsinites to vote safely from home in the May 12, August 11, and November 3 elections. The fight to make our democracy safe and accessible for all goes on.”

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