(WISCONSIN) — Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Courtney Beyer released the following statement in response to the Women for Trump Bus Tour:

“Trump’s presidency has been nothing short of a disaster for women. From relentlessly attacking protections for pre-existing conditions, opposing equal pay for equal work, allowing companies to opt out of providing health care coverage specific to women, and botching his coronavirus response, Trump and his administration have abandoned Wisconsin women and their families every step of the way. Trump promised to ‘look out for women’ as president, but his record speaks volumes about his real agenda: nearly 750,000 Wisconsinites out of work, hospitals struggling to get the emergency equipment they need to care for patients, and an administration more concerned with photo ops than helping people. We look forward to sending Joe Biden and his vision for a brighter future to the White House to fix the problems Trump and his cronies have created.”

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