(WISCONSIN) — For the last four years, Donald Trump has ruthlessly undermined the health care system and put Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions at risk. The cruelty and chaos of Trump is more apparent than ever as he tries to strip away these protections in the middle of a pandemic and holds events that violate public health guidelines.

Trump came to Milwaukee in 2016 and promised to “protect patients with preexisting conditions like nobody else”, but his administration is still in federal court trying to strike down the Affordable Care Act. 

Even as COVID-19 cases spike across Wisconsin and the country, Trump is continuing his efforts to rip health care away from people. 

  • Nearly 1,300 Wisconsinites have died from COVID-19 and there have been roughly 118,000 positive cases in the state.
  • Wisconsin still doesn’t have the testing it needs. Just this month, one of the largest health systems in the state reported that they were “forced to adjust our COVID-19 testing approach as testing supplies continue to be constrained and we experience a delay in anticipated shipments.”

Trump is exacerbating the problem by ignoring public health guidelines at his events.

  • This past Thursday, Trump held an event with virtually no social distancing and mask wearing in Mosinee, Wisconsin, while after the event, the city saw an increase of COVID cases.  High is defined as a ‘significant increase in cases in the past two weeks.’”
  • President Trump is traveling to La Crosse and Green Bay (Brown County) on Saturday where he will host events whose attendees are expected not to be mandated to wear masks or socially distance.
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