(MADISON, WI) — On today’s Presidential Primary, State Supreme Court, and 3,829 other elections in Wisconsin, Donald Trump has encouraged Wisconsinites multiple times to physically go to the polls to cast their ballots despite the great risk this poses to their life in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. This comes after Wisconsin Democrats fought to have mail-in-ballot elections so every eligible voter in the state could stay safe while exercising their constitutional right to vote.

Trump’s urging  is not in service of our democracy, but rather, in his own words, that when it comes to mail-in-ballot elections: “they had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

“People are risking their lives to vote in person today because Trump cares more about tweeting than he does about protecting Americans’ health,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Philip Shulman said. “Donald Trump doesn’t care about the well-being of Wisconsinites and the American people, he just wants to rig our elections to favor him and his Republican lackeys, no matter the human cost. No one should have to choose between participating in our democracy and protecting their life — but that’s exactly what Trump is asking of voters. Things have only gotten this bad because his response to the coronavirus outbreak has been chaotic and incomplete from the beginning. He has failed us, and now voters find themselves having to unfairly choose between staying safe and participating in our democracy.”

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