(WISCONSIN) — Sen. Tammy Baldwin is endorsing a slate of candidates for the state legislature today to secure Democratic victories up and down the ballot from the state house to the White House in November. The candidates include Sen. Patty Schachtner (SD-10), Jonathon Hansen (SD-30), Brad Pfaff (SD-32), Rep. Robyn Vining (AD-14), Deb Andraca (AD-23), Rep. Nick Milory (AD-73), Rep. Beth Meyers (AD-74), and Rep. Steve Doyle (AD-94).

The following is a statement from Sen. Tammy Baldwin:

“I am excited to endorse this slate of candidates — for too long hardworking Wisconsinites have been undermined by Republican leadership that puts partisan politics over the lives of our neighbors. For the last two years, we have watched Republicans in the legislature take cues from President Trump as they’ve refused to expand Medicaid, stood in the way of common sense gun safety reform, and thwarted Gov. Evers’ ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. It is vital that we work up and down the ballot to make our government more representative of our shared values, and I couldn’t be prouder to endorse this group of candidates to take back the legislature, improve the lives of all Wisconsinites, and build toward a brighter future for our state.”

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