(WISCONSIN) — After holding an in-person campaign rally that saw very few attendees wearing masks and zero social distancing, Mike Pence was questioned this week about the administration diverting COVID-19 resources away from Wisconsin. After avoiding the question, Pence stated he was “not aware of a shortage of supplies.”

“Donald Trump and Mike Pence ignoring the supply shortages facing Wisconsin is the exact kind of failed leadership that has led to over 170,000 Americans dying from this pandemic,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Philip Shulman said. “Wisconsin leaders have been shouting for months that we need more PPE and testing, but instead Trump and his cronies have wasted their time pushing conspiracy theories and golfing while forcing states to fend for themselves. This is why we cannot fully recover from this pandemic and our economy continues to suffer; the only way we can turn the tide is by electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.”


TMJ4: VP Mike Pence talks with Charles Benson about COVID-19 testing, police use of force

  • Benson: “But was there shortage of supplies, and they had to be diverted?”
  • Pence: “I’m not aware of a shortage of supplies.
When Mike Pence visited Wisconsin in April, frontline nurse Shari Signer noted that she didn’t have the proper PPE.

“Shari Signer, an inpatient nurse in Madison…said she was recently told to keep reusing masks ‘until there are visible holes or broken straps on them…I’m expected to wear the same mask from patient room to patient room, despite their isolation, despite their health care conditions,’ she said. At the end of the day, she puts the mask in a brown paper bag to be re-worn the next day. ‘It is outrageous that health care workers continue to show up for a battle against a deadly virus without the protection, resources and support that we need to safely do our jobs,’ she said.”

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