(MADISON, WI) — Today, a new report shows Trump has continuously rolled over for China, in part, because he owes their national bank $211 million dollars in the coming months. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Trump has continuously praised Chinese President Xi and his government, taking their word over that of the US Intelligence community. Trump went so far as to send China 18 tons of PPE in February — equipment that is now desperately needed by frontline workers in Wisconsin and across America.

“Donald Trump is China’s favorite lap dog as he has rolled over for them on everything from the Coronavirus pandemic to a trade deal that hardly changes the playing field for Wisconsin’s farmers, manufacturers, and families. Trump has always put his personal interests ahead of the American people, and it is now clearer than ever he is doing so because of his own financial shortcomings. It is monstrous that as 50,000 Americans lay dead with sadly thousands of more to perish from the coronavirus, Trump is prioritizing his wallet over the health and safety of our country. November can’t come soon enough.”

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