(WISCONSIN) — Ahead of Mike Pence’s visit to the badger state on Labor Day, Union leaders from across the state bashed the administration for hurting Wisconsin workers for the last four years. Now, in the middle of a pandemic, Donald Trump’s failed response to COVID-19 has completely abandoned working families across the state.


News8000: WI union leaders say Trump administration has betrayed working Wisconsinites

  • Ahead of the Vice President’s visit on Monday representatives from the American Federation of Teachers, Wisconsin Farmers Union, and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees shared their frustrations about the Trump administration during a video press call.
  • AFSCME Council 32 representative Valerie Landowski said the administration’s response to COVID-19 has failed Wisconsin.“It’s wreaked havoc on Wisconsin families. We aren’t getting the PPE we need in our facilities. We’ve seen thousands of layoffs and furloughed employees. This has created an economic downturn that will destroy the economy of Wisconsin and nationally for years to come,” Landowski said.
  • Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden also shared his thoughts, saying the dairy industry is failing because of moves made by the administration, including outsourcing products because it’s cheaper. “Farmers need to produce at a lower cost, which we can’t do because the price of our essential needs, equipment, materials to run our businesses have also increased in price because of the aluminum and steel tariffs,” Von Ruden said.
  • AFT Wisconsin President Kim Kohlhaas touched on Wisconsin lawmakers’ response to getting the economy back on track, saying they aren’t doing enough. “The fact that there has not been a session to deal with COVID, to deal with the economy, and to deal with unemployment is completely unacceptable. Governor Evers has called for it, he has asked to have these conversations, and they have been rejected. I don’t think there are a lot of solutions unless we’re willing to sit down and start talking about it,” Kohlhaas said.
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