(WISCONSIN) — Ahead of Trump’s dangerous rally in Green Bay tomorrow, Wisconsinites and Democratic leaders have made it clear that Trump and his administration holding rallies and giving up on solving the COVID-19 pandemic is not the leadership Wisconsinites need. They have continuously spoken out this week about Trump’s failed response, his continued attack on the ACA, and his betrayal of working people.

See what they’re saying below.

WKBT: La Crosse Democrats push back on President Trump visit: “La Crosse Democrats push back on President Trump visit Members of the La Crosse County Democratic Party are voicing their concerns about President Trump’s visit. 94th Assembly district representative Jill Billings and the Wisconsin Farmers Union President spoke during the virtual press conference. Billings says it’s not about who is visiting but the virus concerns that drives her to push back. “During times of COVID-19, it’s just not what we should be doing for our community. President Trump should not be doing these super spreader events across the United States and we shouldn’t be going,” said Wisconsin state representative Jill Billings.

WIZM: Billings, Von Ruden, and Smutksta express opposition to President Trump’s visit: La Crosse County Democratic Party chair Michael Smuksta said it is time to end the nation’s divisiveness by voting for Democrats. ‘We are putting all of our effort to get people out to vote and to make a change, and to remove this administration, and put in an administration under Biden and Harris that will lead this country in a very positive way, end the divisiveness, and unify us as much as possible.’”

UpNorthNews: “DNC Ad Welcomes Trump to West Salem – The Democratic National Committee on Tuesday bought Google ad space for western Wisconsin that leads to a video slamming President Donald Trump for a ‘reckless campaign tour [and] infecting us.’”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Looking at what it’s really doing for us — not a whole lot,” Darin Von Ruden, a Westby dairy farmer and president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union, said. “The current administration is just making it worse, and we need to get to a point where we can actually trust what’s coming out of the White House.”

WUWM: “Von Ruden and other speakers on a Wisconsin Democratic Party media call Monday repeatedly criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and for the president holding large rallies without requiring people to wear masks.”

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