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What (Not) To Look For In Tonight’s State of The State Address

[Madison, WI] – Gov. Tony Evers will give his second State of the State address tonight, and we shouldn’t expect to hear much about the help he received from Republicans to keep Wisconsin strong during the last year.

Gov. Evers made it clear during the past year that he is largely disinterested in running the state and would rather hand off responsibilities to the liberal activists who staff his office. As a result, he didn’t accomplish much of anything for Wisconsin. Instead, the Evers administration went out of its way to circumvent open records laws, actively suppress votes in the 7th Congressional District, and veto legislation to protect the unborn. Gov. Evers was relegated to the sidelines where he spent his time calling Republican legislators names.

When Gov. Tony Evers proposed more than $1 billion dollars in tax increases, legislative Republicans held the line on Evers’ radical agenda and passed a conservative budget. The Republican budget cut taxes for hardworking Wisconsin families, made record investments in education and made improvements in infrastructure without raising the gas tax. It passed without a single Democrat vote in the legislature.

Gov. Tony Evers likely won’t give any credit to legislative Republicans for the state of the state in Wisconsin tonight. Instead, he will simply continue to make promises he knows he can’t keep and add more radical ideas to his liberal wish list.

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