[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, Supreme Court Candidate Judge Jill Karofsky believes that lawmakers can limit our Constitutional right to possess firearms, a clear indication of how she would rule from the bench of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. Karofsky has previously called on lawmakers to restrict Wisconsinites’ access to firearms and is running on a platform that calls for stricter gun control.

Jill Karofsky’s comments are even more concerning seeing as Democrat Gov. Tony Evers has floated the idea of mandatory gun confiscation and red flag laws. If elected to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, Karofsky could be responsible for voting on the constitutionality of such measures.

This is just the latest in Jill Karofsky’s record of promising to prioritize her own social justice warrior agenda from the bench. Karofsky previously said that she would be able to advocate for social justice issues from the bench of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court and compared the decision to get an abortion to the decision to get one’s wisdom teeth removed.

Read the full write-up here, or find excerpts below.

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