MADISON, WISCONSIN – Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) members voted unanimously to endorse Nada Elmikashfi for Wisconsin State Senate District 26. Members are taking the opportunity to elect Elmikashfi into the legislature as YCAT continues to push forth progressive ideals. If elected, she would become the first woman and person of color to represent District 26 in the Wisconsin State Senate.

Elmikashfi has clearly laid out how she plans to make Wisconsin a more equitable state. She has worked on Governor Tony Evers’ Gubernatorial Appointments team, was a NextGeneration America Fellow, and currently serves on the Sustainable Madison Committee. Her work has demonstrated her commitment to change in the City of Madison and State of Wisconsin. Her “People’s Platform” reflects the views and values of YCAT, as she plans to not only address the climate crisis, but the existing inequities within the current system. Elmikashfi has shown leadership in social justice issues and YCAT is confident that she will bring forth plans that will make Wisconsin a progressive leader.

“Nada has committed herself to bringing climate justice to Wisconsin. This state claims to be a climate leader, but is missing the actions to defend it,” Aidan Dresang, YCAT Communications Director said. “Nada will fight to transition away from fossil fuels while ensuring a just transition for those who work in the industry. We need that fair and forward-looking leadership in our State Capitol.”

The August 11th primary will see status quo politics pitted against new progressive leadership that prioritizes climate justice and immediate climate action. Until the election, YCAT members will work to get Elmikashfi elected and ensure that the Wisconsin State Legislature has a voice that champions the environmental justice movement.


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