WAUSAU, WI – Today, Tricia Zunker’s campaign for Congress released a new ad contrasting how she’ll fight for small business, workers, and farmers with Congressman Tom Tiffany’s support for repealing protections for people with pre-existing conditions – even in the midst of a pandemic.
Watch the ad here.
“There’s only one real choice in this race for Congress,” Zunker said. “Congressman Tiffany would take us down the wrong road by kicking people off of their health care and getting rid of the law that protects people with pre-existing conditions. By contrast, I’ll be a fighter for small businesses, workers, and farmers in Wisconsin.”
The ad will run in the Wausau and Duluth-Superior media markets.
Script below:
We’ve been down this road long enough.  But Tom Tiffany wants to keep us going in the wrong direction.

Even during a pandemic, Tiffany supports taking away protections for pre-existing conditions…Kicking millions off of their health insurance and forcing you to pay more.

There’s another way. Tricia Zunker.  

Zunker will put our families first with better health care and help for small businesses, workers and farmers to get our economy moving again.

Tricia Zunker for Congress.

Tricia: I’m Tricia Zunker and I approve this message.

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