WI-7 Candidate Tricia Zunker Responds to Vice President Pence Campaign Event In Central Wisconsin

On Monday, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services indicated that Wisconsin has reached 200,000 COVID-19 cases. The first 100,000 cases took seven and a half months to reach; reaching 200,000 took just another 36 days. Yesterday, Wisconsin had record shattering cases and deaths and state health officials referred to the COVID-19 situation in Wisconsin as a “nightmare scenario.

Locally, COVID-19 cases are surging in central Wisconsin and the Marathon County Health Department cannot contact trace timely. In anticipation of Vice President Pence campaigning in central Wisconsin, the Marathon County Health Department issued a warning that mass gatherings of any kind should include mask wearing and social distancing to avoid becoming super-spreader events. However, Vice President Mike Pence still proceeded to convene a campaign stop yesterday in Mosinee, WI with over 150 in attendance without necessary health precautions enforced while his own office faces a COVID-19 outbreak and experts say he should be in 14 day quarantine.

WI-7 Democrat Candidate Tricia Zunker issued the following statement in response:

“Vice President Pence should be in voluntary quarantine right now, yet my opponent participated in this non-essential campaign event, then promptly headed to the WI-7 congressional debate at the Wausau Grand Theater, putting the crew, the moderator, the Grand Theater staff, me and my campaign staff – and our families – at unnecessary risk.

To get control of this pandemic and save lives, everyone must do their part, including wear masks, safe social distance, wash hands frequently and limit exposure to only essential travel. To that end, elected officials must set an example and model appropriate behavior that follows the medical expert advice. Once again, Rep. Tiffany has failed to demonstrate leadership. In his closing statement for both WI-7 congressional debates this month, my opponent stated he “will always defend life.” These are meaningless, empty words as his actions demonstrate a callous, reckless disregard for life by continuing to put others at risk of contracting this deadly virus by failing to wear a mask, failing to safe social distance and routinely convening or attending non-essential campaign events. Rep. Tiffany prioritizes non-essential campaigning over protecting Wisconsin lives.

Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District deserves a representative who adheres to the advice of medical experts and wants to keep us safe, healthy and alive.”

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