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PHILADELPHIA — Today, just weeks after Wisconsin Republicans voted to repeal the state’s mask mandate, pro-science organization 314 Action Fund released the results of new polling that shows strong, bipartisan support for statewide public health measures and for the re-election of Gov. Tony Evers, a former science teacher and STEM trailblazer, ahead of the 2022 campaign cycle.

The poll, which was performed by Public Policy Polling on behalf of 314 Action Fund, shows 61% of voters support a public statewide mask mandate in Wisconsin. Looking ahead to the state’s 2022 gubernatorial race, poll respondents say they would vote to re-elect Gov. Evers over a Republican candidate 45% to 44% if the election were held today, and 51% of respondents trust Gov. Evers more than state Republicans to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, Wisconsin voters showed their support for other science-first policies with 59% of poll respondents saying they believe that human contributions to climate change are real.

Through this poll, Wisconsin voters also made clear not just where their support lies, but where and with whom it does not.

Only 31% of respondents approve of the job Republicans in the state legislature are doing as the new year begins. 35% of voters approve of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s job performance, with just 37% believing Sen. Johnson is interested in representing all of Wisconsin. 51% believe Sen. Johnson is interested in representing only his supporters.

An even 48% of respondents voted for President Biden and former President Trump each in the 2020 election, with respondents skewing 39% independent, 31% Republican, and 29% Democrat. The polling toplines can be viewed here.

“Throughout this entire pandemic, statehouse Republicans and Sen. Ron Johnson have acted like petulant children, throwing tantrum after tantrum while Gov. Evers and the scientists in the room have gotten down to business for the people of Wisconsin,” said John Sweeney, spokesperson for 314 Action Fund. “Republicans have nothing to show for these tantrums but anti-science policies that threaten to kill their own constituents. Wisconsin voters are making plenty clear that these toddlers are getting kicked from the crib in 2022.”

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