MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Republican majority on the Joint Finance Committee is acting on the state budget for the Department of Workforce Development, the agency that oversees many employment related programs, from unemployment insurance to workers compensation. Here’s what’s not on the agenda: showing respect for Wisconsin workers. Republican legislators are refusing to take up Gov. Evers’ budget proposals, like expanding Family and Medical Leave, ensuring workers get paid the wages they’re due, and securing workers’ freedom to negotiate together.

Frontline and essential workers have supported our communities over the last year, kept our communities and economy going through a global health pandemic, despite the health risks to themselves and their families. As we build back and get our economy going again, it’s time to support the workers who supported us.

A Better Wisconsin Together Deputy Director Mike Browne commented, “We all share the goal of getting Wisconsinites back to work, in well-paying jobs that support a family. The best thing we can do to advance that goal is to respect our workers. That means taking up the policies proposed by Gov. Evers in his budget that would make sure Wisconsin workers have a voice on the job, the freedom to bargain together, good wages, and benefits like family and medical leave.”

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