MADISON, WISCONSIN – AARP Wisconsin today applauds Governor Tony Evers for including provisions in his proposed 2021-23 biennial budget that would lower prescription drug prices and control costs, increase transparency and protect consumers, and ensure access to life-saving medications for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable individuals.

“Wisconsinites are desperate for relief from high prescription drug prices,” said AARP Wisconsin State Director Sam Wilson. “Thousands of residents struggle every day to choose between paying rent, buying groceries or getting the medications they need. Many of them tell us they cut their pills in half just to make ends meet. This is not a partisan issue. Now is time for the governor and legislature to come together and provide this relief.”

For several years Wilson said AARP has been fighting at the state and national level to make medications more affordable for vulnerable and low-income residents. “Today we are seeing action on an issue that’s near and dear to our work at AARP. We want to thank the governor for moving forward with many of the recommendations made by the task force he appointed to address the high cost of prescription drugs.”

In 2019, Evers created the Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices, bringing together stakeholders – including AARP Wisconsin – to comprehensively address soaring prescription drug prices. His budget builds on the work of this group with several key initiatives to reduce drug costs, increase transparency, and protect consumers.

“We’re thrilled that the governor is tackling this issue head-on in his proposed state budget,” Wilson said. “High drug prices disproportionately hurt older folks, particularly Medicare Part D enrollees, who take between four and five prescription medications each month and have an average annual income of just over $26,000 a year. Medications cannot work if they are unaffordable.”

Wilson credited the governor for including provisions in his budget that lower prices and control costs. “We are also thrilled with provisions that increase transparency and protect consumers,” he said.

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