MADISON – The ACLU of Wisconsin today expressed support for suggestions made by a recent Legislative Audit Bureau report that would improve the efficiency of Wisconsin’s election system, emphasizing that Wisconsin’s elections can and should be improved to ensure that every Wisconsin voter has an equal opportunity to cast their ballot.


The ACLU of Wisconsin recommends that the Wisconsin Elections Commission expand accessibility to all voters, particularly for those with disabilities, and invest more funding into elections.


Many voters with disabilities of all ages face numerous barriers to voting. Voters, regardless of ability, deserve the freedom to cast their vote securely and safely. The legislature should allocate additional resources and standardize training for election officials to comply with national and state laws prioritizing accessibility at the polls, such as curbside voting and voter assistance.


In addition, the recommendations from the Legislative Audit Bureau do not happen without the financial support of the legislature. These recommendations need funding for them to be a success and for voters to benefit from their implementation.


“Our democracy works best when citizens can freely participate in elections,” said Shaadie Ali, interim executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin. “We must ensure that every eligible voter in Wisconsin can cast a ballot.”

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