Madison, WI – Today, the People’s Maps Commission (PMC) released its final set of State Assembly, State Senate, and congressional maps based on the public input the Commission received from thousands of Wisconsinites across numerous public hearings this past year. These maps stand in stark contrast to the maps put forward by Republican legislators, which would bake in the egregious Republican 2011 gerrymanders. Additionally, the PMC’s process was far more accessible and transparent in comparison to the process led by Republican legislative leadership.

“The process led by the People’s Maps Commission deserves praise, and it should serve as an example for the Wisconsin Legislature to follow,” said Elizabeth Treviño, Wisconsin State Director for All On The Line. “Over the course of 13 months, the Commission hosted a fair and transparent process allowing thousands of Wisconsinites from across the state to make their voices heard by submitting written comments, testifying at hearings, and submitting community maps. I am disappointed that thus far, the Republican legislative leadership has not followed suit, and instead, held only one hearing that was structured to prevent Wisonsonites from participating and sharing their opinions on the gerrymandered maps Republican legislators put forward. I hope they change course while there is still time. ”

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