Here’s what Wisconsinites are reading and watching following yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report that Ron Johnson earned at least $450,000 in 2017, but paid a mere $2,105 in state income taxes — less than a jointly-filing couple that earned $40,000:

Milwaukee Journal SentinelBice: Multimillionaire U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson paid a mere $2,105 in state income taxes in 2017, despite making big bucks

Associated PressSen. Ron Johnson paid little in income taxes in 2017

WKBT-TV: “Johnson reported earning at least $450,000 and paid just over $2,100 [in state income tax].”

WITI-TV: “Johnson in the spotlight over his income taxes from 2017 […] despite reporting an income of at least $450,000. That year, he paid $2,100 in income taxes.”

WISN-TV: “Johnson paid little in state income taxes in 2017 compared to other years.”

SalonSen. Ron Johnson, worth millions, paid almost nothing in 2017 state income tax–and won’t explain why

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