Washington, DC –The American Society of Civil Engineers, Wisconsin Chapter issued the following statement after President Joe Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law.

“We appreciate President Biden signing this legislation into law but we also know it is only one step in a longer journey toward meeting our state’s needs. Wisconsin is facing an estimated $13 billion transportation infrastructure shortfall over the next 10 years and this law provides $5.5 billion to Wisconsin over five years for roads, bridges, and other transportation projects. Wisconsin’s infrastructure received a cumulative grade of ‘C’ in the ASCE Wisconsin Section’s 2020 Report Card for Wisconsin’s infrastructure, citing significant funding needs for roads, bridges, drinking water, wastewater systems, energy grid and more. The law is far from perfect but it will provide critical funding for Wisconsin.”  — Ken Mika, PE M.ASCE, Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Report Card and Advocacy efforts. ”


The bipartisan infrastructure law goes far beyond roads and bridges, addressing most of the 13 categories in the state’s 2020 report card. Wisconsin faces an $8.6 billion drinking water investment gap, which would receive significant support from the $55 billion that this legislation will allocate for these systems nationwide. The state’s nine major airports would benefit from the $25 billion in increased airport infrastructure funding in the bill. The infrastructure law would also invest $65 billion in broadband expansion to provide access to communities who lack reliable service.

For more information regarding the ASCE and the full detailed report card, please visit the ASCE website at: https://infrastructurereportcard.org/state-item/wisconsin/ or http://sections.asce.org/wisconsin-section/home.

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