“We are disappointed with the ruling coming from Iowa County Judge Margaret Koehler regarding the snowmobile trail through the far southern edge of Blue Mound State Park.


“It was disappointing to hear that the decision by the agency that is responsible for management of state lands for all of the citizens of Wisconsin, the DNR, was not respected. Especially after investing years of study and effort into the plan, including hours of public participation through surveys and open house events.


“A public park – such as Blue Mound State Park – is just that: PUBLIC. Snowmobilers have every right to use a portion of the park – and in this case, a very small, one acre portion in a location where a trail used to exist. The Park spans 1,153 acres. There is enough room for all to enjoy Blue Mound State Park.


“The sport of snowmobiling brings enormous economic impact to the state of Wisconsin and we’re proud to report that registration numbers for the upcoming season are at an all-time high. Sales of sleds are through the roof. This industry is in no way, shape or form a dying sport.


“Last but not least – the safety aspect of this trail is monumental. As of now the route snowmobilers use through the park is dangerous and located along a road. By moving this trail into the far southern portion of the park we gain the ability to have a safer route for all snowmobilers: young kids, our older generations, and families.


“We will continue to work with the Wisconsin DNR in the hopes that someday soon this trail will be allowed in the location approved in the Blue Mound State Park master plan and provide a safe route for all to enjoy.”


Dave Newman, President, Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs

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