A majority of those in Wisconsin’s prison system will be out in a few years. Unfortunately, many will simply end up back behind bars. Can anything be done to improve the likelihood of successful reintegration?

In this episode of Free Exchange, Hope for Prisoners founder and CEO Jon Ponder explains how mentorship, employment, education, faith and unlikely partnerships with law enforcement have dramatically reduced recidivism in Las Vegas.

Ponder, who himself was in and out of prison over many years, debunks the notion that those coming out of the corrections system can’t become contributing members of their communities.

The benefits of effective reentry, he says, include safer communities, stronger families, taxpayer savings and more people in the workforce.

Ponder also discusses his emotions when President Trump pardoned him in a White House ceremony.

You can listen to the entire conversation below and discover how thousands of formerly incarcerated people are finding purpose, rebuilding their lives, and breaking the cycle of crime and punishment.

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