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Facing high expenditures, unsustainable growth and outdated facilities, the Wisconsin corrections system is in need of reform. To highlight new approaches and proven methods from other states, the Badger Institute, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, Americans for Tax Reform and other members of the Wisconsin Criminal Justice Coalition today released a publication titled “Criminal Justice Reform Recommendations for Wisconsin Policymakers: 2021 Edition.

“This publication offers a roadmap for reform in Wisconsin,” says Julie Grace, policy analyst for the Badger Institute. “The ideas presented are common-sense, research-driven and often bipartisan solutions that have worked elsewhere. Wisconsin lawmakers looking to improve our criminal justice system will find this a valuable resource.”

The booklet contains research, proven policy ideas from around the country and recommendations for reforming Wisconsin’s criminal justice system that would save taxpayers money, steer people toward work instead of a prison cell and increase public safety. Among the 10 policy areas identified in the publication are community supervision, data, expungement and police reform.

“Data-driven solutions are key to improving the criminal justice system in Wisconsin,” says AFP-Wisconsin State Director Eric Bott. “The recommendations in this booklet offer needed, data-driven, bipartisan solutions for Wisconsin lawmakers to consider as they look for ways to improve outcomes for all Wisconsinites.”

“Across the country, over the past decade, states have been improving their criminal justice systems, led often by Republicans,” says Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist. “Smart reforms that offer second chances to those who earn them, and remain tough on crime but soft on taxpayers, have been working for years. It’s time for Wisconsin to get focused on fixing the criminal justice system. This booklet offers a great guide.”

The Wisconsin Criminal Justice Coalition is composed of members of both state and national conservative organizations interested in strategies that increase public safety, save taxpayer dollars, respect human dignity, grow the labor force and ensure stronger families.

The publication is available here.

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