MADISON — This week, after reports emerged that members of Congress and top Congressional staffers helped orchestrate the January 6th insurrection, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes called on Ron Johnson to condemn these insurrection-promoting members of Congress and pledge to support further investigation into their actions.

“Senator Johnson, your colleagues in Washington helped plan and execute a violent insurrection that killed multiple law enforcement officers and constitutes the most serious internal assault on American democracy since the Civil War,” said Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. “You yourself have given comfort to the insurrectionists. You have an obligation to condemn insurrection-promoting members of Congress, and support further investigation into their behavior.

“Senator Johnson’s failure to condemn his colleagues and their support for the violent insurrection is yet another example of his support for the Big Lie, which has enabled and emboldened extremists who wish to undermine our democracy,” Barnes added.

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