MADISON— Today, Mandela Barnes released a new Medium post discussing what Labor Day means to him and highlighting his upbringing as the son of two union activist parents:

“My parents were both active members who took the lead in organizing for better wages and defending workers’ rights,” said Mandela Barnes. “They saw their union as a way to stand with their fellow workers to address the injustice so often faced in their community. Their example showed me the importance of working hard, fighting for opportunity for everyone, and the power of standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow workers and with your neighbors to demand what’s right.

“It is also because of them - and our proud labor traditions in this state - that I am now running for the United States Senate to fight for working people across our state. Wisconsin’s next Senator must work towards building an America where that opportunity I found is not so rare, and I believe we can do that by channeling Wisconsin’s legacy as a leader of the labor movement.”

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