Dateline:  Town of Middleton, Wisconsin, August 2, 2021

Joan Ellis Beglinger announced today that she is running for governor of Wisconsin as an Independent candidate in 2022.  A registered nurse and hospital administrator, currently retired, Beglinger attributed her decision to run to her belief that “we are a country in serious decline.  Changes have been subtle over decades, and many of us are only now awakening to the realization that if we don’t turn things around, we will lose the country we know and cherish.  The risks to our democracy are too great to sit on the sideline.”

Asked about her choice to run as an Independent Beglinger responded, “There is no choice to be made, really.  The major parties have disqualified themselves from our trust and our support.  Career politicians have replaced citizen legislators and, regardless of which party is in power, elected officials enrich their own lives on our dime and produce few, if any, outcomes that are important to the people.”

Beglinger went on to say that her campaign will be a test of whether ideas, character, competence and courage can prevail over political machinery and big money.  She described the priorities she will pursue as telling the truth, protecting our freedoms, and promoting self-sufficiency and personal accountability as essential to a free society.

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